Centennial Public School is launching our spring fundraiser, selling Aunt Sarah Simply Delicious chocolate bars and we need your help!  This fundraiser has always been very successful, on average raising $9,000 each year.  In the past, this money has helped with the purchase of musical instruments, technology for the classrooms, guest speakers, and special events.  This year, the goal is to raise funds for continued technology for the classrooms, to support our “Nutrition for Learning” snack program, to fund guest speakers, and in-school/off-campus special opportunities.  Centennial also helped support a sister school (grade 7 and 8) in our community these last four years by donating 10% of our fundraising profits for their school needs and we would like to help again this year.


Fundraiser Dates:  Starts – Tuesday, March 22nd – students will bring home chocolate bars this day.

Ends – Tuesday, April 19th – all money and unsold chocolate bars to be returned to the school.


Chocolate Bars: Each box contains 30 bars and sells for $2.00 per bar.  Our profit per box is $26.00.  Additional cases are available when a student has returned his/her money for the first case sold.  For each box sold or $26.00 donation, students earn a draw ballot for the draws that will occur throughout the fundraiser.  Continuing this year, we have Aunt Sarah Mint Chocolate that students may wish to sell in addition to the traditional Aunt Sarah Simply Delicious chocolate bars.  Students can come to the chocolate shop at Break B throughout the fundraiser to get the mint chocolate.


Prizes:   -Top Three Sellers will receive a gift card for Conestoga Mall, valued at $200, $150, and $100.

-Draw prizes, including small prizes and gift certificates from local businesses and restaurants.

-The top participating class in Grade 7 and Grade 8 will receive a pizza lunch.


Selling:  It is not suggested that students go door to door but rather approach close neighbours, friends and relatives.  Parents may also wish to take this product to work to sell (adults love this chocolate!).


If you don’t wish to sell Chocolate Bars: If you prefer to make a donation to the school, in lieu of selling chocolate bars, donations of $26.00 or greater (cheques payable to the Waterloo Education Foundation, Inc.) will receive a charitable tax receipt.  These students will receive a prize ballot for the draws (one for each $26.00 donated). These donations will count towards the class total for the pizza party.

 All students  will receive a box of chocolate bars on Tuesday, March 22nd if they have not brought back the form indicating that they do not wish to sell chocolate bars.

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