It is with mixed emotions that we share the news that Mr. Hughes will be leaving Centennial Public School.

We have been most fortunate to have Mr. Hughes at Centennial for the last three and a half years and wish him all the best as he heads off to join Forest Hill P.S. as vice-principal next September.

Mr. Hughes, you have made a huge positive impact here at Centennial with our students, staff and families, and we feel most fortunate that you have been a part of Centennial PS. We are very sad to see you go. We know that your constant optimism has been infectious, your great communication skills appreciated, and your love for what you do is evident. We will miss you tremendously. We thank you for your contributions to Centennial and wish you all the best as you move to your new school.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. B. Weigel will be our incoming vice-principal next year. He comes to us from MacGregor P.S. and Empire P.S., so many of our students will already know him!

We look forward to giving Mr. Weigel a warm Centennial welcome in the fall!

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