The Drawing Club was an extension of the regular art program. Students explored the language of tone in a first drawing, followed by a line drawing. The two languages were then combined in a final drawing. The variety of tone and line were the vocabulary that resulted in an interesting visual study.

Thank you artists,



Jerry G.                                Youngjin K.

Kevin G.                               Mike Z.

Laura Beth N.                       Caroline L.

Haya A.                               Alison V.S.

Elizebeth S.                         Mikana K.

Francesca K.                       Renee R.

Mendji M.                           Marina L.

Lina Z.                                Lucy C.

Mikaela J.                           Melanie M.



Surrealism is a style of art that juxtaposes incongruent imagery. Club participants experimented combining many unlike subjects. Three ideas were then planned and drafted. A final sketch was produced and rendered in coloured pencil.

Thank you artists,

Mr. Kauk

Jocelyne M.

Vivian H.

Emily R.

Nisandi H.

Emily K.

Mabel L.

Amy J.

Mengdi M.

Emily D.

Alisa T.

Jessica E.

Mike Z.

Isaac D.

Mariana B.

Miranda F.

Kira B.

Aala I.

Allison V.S.

Mikanna K.

Ayja R.

Cindy N.

Amanda D.

Jade M.

Meagan B.

Melanie M.


The Window Painting art club was a huge success. Interested students, created holiday imagery for the courtyard windows. Artists drafted with wax then painted in tempera. Results added to the festive energy of our student body and brightened the environment.





Emily D.                            Naomi D.

Torin S.                              Haya S.

Mike Z.                              Ayana A.

Amy J.                                Mengdi M.

Destiny E.                          Francesca K.

Mariana B.                         Cindy N.

Emily K.                             Sarah R.

Nisandi H.                          Jessica E.

Hannah K.                          Isaac D.

Amanda D.                         Olivia C.

Mikanna K.                        Zoe  R.

Renee R.                             Miranda F.

Marina I.                             Jerry G.

Amanda G.                         Kevin G.

Melanie M.                         Meagan B.

Alison V.S.                        Megan M.

Alice M.                             Sara K.



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