Friday, April 7, 2017, is a Professional Development Day for all elementary and secondary schools, which means students do not need to be in school. Below you will find a summary of how teachers and staff will spend their day.


Elementary and secondary teachers will spend the day developing the school improvement plan for student achievement and well-being. Areas of focus for school planning may include:

  • Mathematics strategy
  • School identified well-being strategies
  • Digital learning
  • Assessment

Designated Early Childhood Educators

Schools that operate Extended Day Programs will open for students enrolled in the program. Professional development opportunities for Designated Early Childhood Educators will be provided throughout the day, scheduled by the school principal.

Designated Early Childhood Educators at schools that do not have Extended Day Programs will spend the day participating in professional learning opportunities at their home school.

Paraprofessionals – (Educational Assistants and Child and Youth Workers)

Paraprofessionals will attend a full day professional development opportunity off site with their union groups.

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