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Today, April 4th, was identified as a day when our Lions could actively voice their concerns relating to issues that impact education.At 1:15 PM today, at the beginning of second nutrition break, approximately 100 students made their way to the front lawn of Centennial Senior Public School (Waterloo), some carrying signs, to engage in their civic right to be heard. Many of the signs had multiple signatures gathered from their peers. Through the course of the walkout, it was clear that students had followed the previously determined three guidelines:

1) They knew why they were outside.

2) They were respectful, and even asked some great questions.

3) They stayed safe.

Our Lions were incredibly respectful, and they politely followed instructions given by administrators regarding their safety (e.g. stay off the sidewalks) throughout the walkout. Furthermore, many students remained in class and instruction continued as usual according to the schedule.

We applaud our students for being active citizens today and for making their voices be heard. This is a true demonstration of maturity and leadership!

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