Centennial Parent Council is helping organize this year’s Grade 8 graduation and will be providing decorations and drinks at the post grad dance.  We also will be organizing a special “Then and Now” picture of all graduates wishing to participate that will appear during the graduation ceremony.
Please scan or take a picture of a baby/young child photo of your Centennial 2019 graduate and upload to this Dropbox.  You can use a scanner or take a picture (even with your cell phone) of the photo, or use a copy of a digital photo you already have.  I will be the only person that will see all photos in this Dropbox; you will not be able to see other students photos, nor will they be able to see your photo from this Dropbox.   All photos submitted however will be shown as part of a public display at the graduation ceremony. 
If you are unable to upload a digital copy of your photo, the school will accept hard/paper copies of the photos.  Students choosing this option, should submit them to the school office, where I will pick them up and upload them to the Dropbox.  Please note however that although I will attempt to return photos, this is not guaranteed, so you may not get your picture back.
Please make sure to add the name of the graduate (your child/loved one) so we can match this with their 2019 graduation picture, which we are obtaining from the school.   
A split screen of the baby photo and grad photo will appear as they cross the stage at the graduation ceremony.
This is NOT mandatory; if you do not upload a baby/young child photo of your graduate, your child WILL still graduate and cross the stage at the ceremony. 
The deadline to submit photos (either to the Dropbox or to the school office) is Monday June 10th.  Again, please make sure you label/list who the picture is of (student’s name), either as a file name or written on the back of the hard copy photo.
Any questions, please email: heidiandjasonholmes@gmail.com    
Steps to complete the Upload of your photo:
1. Find a baby/young child photo of your Centennial graduating student
2. If not already a digital photo, scan the hard copy/paper copy or simply take a picture of the photo with your cell phone or digital camera
3. If you completed Step 2 (scanned or took a picture of the photo), email it to yourself; save it to your phone’s photo files, and/or download a copy to your computer as a back up
4. Click on the Dropbox   https://www.dropbox.com/request/POXkN5iEWX12oHubpler
5. Submit the photo file/digital copy of the picture to this Dropbox from your computer/device
6. If you were not able to submit an electronic copy of the photo, but would still like to participate, you can submit a paper copy to the school office (deadline June 10th).
Thank you so much for participating!
– Heidi Holmes Centennial Parent Council

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