We are excited to announce that Volleyball season is upon us.  We will be starting tryouts this week. 

First round of tryouts:

Grade 7 Boys tryout – Tues Oct 15th 3-4:30pm

Grade 8 Boys tryout – Wed. Oct 16th 7:15am sharp

Grade 7 Girls tryout – Wed. Oct 16th 3-4:15pm

Grade 8 Girls tryout – Thurs. Oct 17th 7:30 am sharp


Second round of tryouts:

Boys – Thurs. Oct 17th 3-4:30 pm

Girls – Fri. Oct 18th 7:30 am

When selecting our teams there are several characteristics that we are looking for in the students as they will be representing Centennial abroad.  Due to the limited number of spots available on each team, we are looking for students who:

  • have a positive attitude in class and can be seen as positive leaders in the wider community
  • are seen consistently contributing in a positive manner to the school climate
  • are open to feedback
  • have a strong volleyball skill set
  • are looking to further develop their volleyball skills
  • have been positive and active participants in gym classes this year.

We are looking forward to providing this learning opportunity to our Centennial Lions!

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