The WRDSB acknowledges and recognizes the tragic and devastating incidents of recent weeks that include the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, and the harm done to Christian Cooper. We also acknowledge and recognize the legacy of anti-Black racism that causes harm, violence, and too often leads to the death of Black people.

Current and historic anti-Black racism induces trauma and wreaks havoc in the lives of African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) people. This trauma and the avoidable deaths of individuals are rooted in anti-Black racism, which is contributing to mental health issues and other social inequities (eg equitable access to housing, and employment) in our communities.

Our students and staff are also witnessing what is transpiring and are likely experiencing trauma. Many may be looking to have the opportunity to engage in conversations. We understand that Distance Learning and the current pandemic realities are making it more difficult to create space for these conversations.

As a Board, we recognize our obligation to the ACB community and the need to do more to combat anti-Black racism and its impacts on all people.

We plan to begin by sharing additional resources and supports with our staff on how to facilitate these discussions with our students.


Jayne Herring

Chairperson, Board of Trustees

John Bryant

Director of Education


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