As part of our ongoing work to assist families and students during the transition back to school this September, we are proud to announce the launch of the Caregivers’ Guide to Setting the Stage for Return to School.

This guide, compiled by WRDSB Psychological Services, is designed to help caregivers support and communicate with their children in ways that help them feel calm and secure as they return to school. While some of these suggestions will be particularly helpful in setting the stage for the “return-to-school” phase, they also reflect strategies that can be helpful on an ongoing basis. For example, parents and caregivers will find information about the cycle of anxiety and school avoidance, as well as how the words we use may lower or increase anxiety.

You can view the different sections of the guide here:

Helping children face something scary

Even at the best of times, some children have more trouble than other children when it comes to going to school. This resource includes information that will help parents and caregivers understand more about the nature of anxiety and the problem with avoiding scary things.

Caregivers and educators together

We want parents and caregivers to know that they are not alone when it comes to helping children with the return to school. When needed, educators and school board staff members from psychology and social work may connect with caregivers and parents to help children overcome fears about things such as going to school.

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