A Message For All Centennial Parents and Guardians:

Unbelievably it is almost the end of October. We have been so busy, and it’s been a bit of a blur, but I hope we can settle into a period of some stability now that the reorganization is done and the days shorten into late fall and early winter.

A few updates:

1) As you have no doubt heard on the news, the WRDSB is asking that students do not come in costumes on Friday, October 30th. Although this will not be a terrible heartbreak for our age of student, it may still be disappointing for them. But we have arranged to have a Black and Orange Spirit Day on Friday, Oct. 30 where the kids can dress in orange and black clothing (please no props or Halloween masks…just their health masks) and have some fun during the last block of the day with the activities that both school council and the staff have set up for them through their chromebooks.

2) Progress Reports go home on November 20, 2020. Remember that if your child has been doing learning from home there may be some aspects of the report that will be hard to report on . This is when you may see an “I” for “Insufficient evidence”.

3) SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING is Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 6:30 PM. This meeting will be done through an online platform, so you could join us from the comfort of your home. Cheryl de Konig and Heidi Holmes are acting as co-chairs in advance of the election procedures which will be discussed that evening. If you wish to participate, and we hope you do, please email me at barb_brown@wrdsb.ca, and I will add you to the Google Meet invitation.

Barb Brown

Principal, Centennial P.S. (W)

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