As we continue to support distance learning for all our students, we wanted to take the opportunity to revisit the supports and resources in place to ensure the safety and security of all of those working and learning online in the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB).

Digital Citizenship

Students in the WRDSB are expected to use the Internet appropriately and are taught Digital Citizenship and the importance of practicing ethical and legal digital behaviour. Digital citizenship refers to our online behaviours. A good digital citizen is someone who behaves appropriately and responsibly while using digital tools.

Citizenship education is important for all students as it relates to all facets of life. We are citizens of many different communities, including those online, and we need to understand how to behave appropriately in order to be successful members of these communities.

Digital Citizenship can only be learned through active participation in the digital world.

Refer to our website for more information about Digital Citizenship, or view the Digital Citizenship: Guide for Parents from MediaSmarts.

Responsible Use Procedure (RUP)

Students follow the Responsible Use Procedure for Information, Communication and Collaboration Technologies, which outlines the appropriate use of the Internet and defines the appropriate behaviours.

The RUP provides a set of expectations for staff and students and applies to all information and technology in the WRDSB. These expectations align with existing procedures about general conduct in our schools. All resources and technology used in the board must be clearly in support of the goals of WRDSB.

More information about the Responsible Use Procedure.

Internet Filtering

All students, staff and anyone accessing the internet through a WRDSB network will have their results filtered through a firewall. Internet filtering is just one piece of our strategy to help keep our students safe online, but it is not effective alone. It’s important to remember that internet filtering is only in place on WRDSB controlled networks, and not on your home network. Responsibilities regarding digital citizenship are integrated into the curriculum to help guide student usage.

As home networks are not filtered by the WRDSB, parents, caregivers and families may wish to put website filtering tools into place at home to address this, if they deem it to be necessary. Internet Service Providers offer a variety of options. Digital Citizenship and the Responsible Use Procedure provide guidance and support for areas that cannot be controlled through internet filtering.

Why does Google Chrome say it is “managed by”?

If you are logged into your WRDSB Google Account while using Google Chrome, it will display a message that your browser is managed by This does not mean that your internet activity will be filtered in any way by the WRDSB, but rather, refers to the fact that your Google Chrome extensions and settings are managed centrally by the WRDSB.

More information about Internet Filtering.

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