The month of November is Hindu Heritage Month in Ontario. This province is home to a large and vibrant Hindu community which has made important contributions across a variety of sectors; from science, education and medicine — to law, politics, business, culture and sport. The general public is encouraged to mark Hindu Heritage Month by acknowledging the significant social, economic and political contributions Hindus have made.

Interesting Facts About Hinduism

  • Hindus believe in one God known as Paramatma or Brahman. As this God is formless and omnipresent, they are free to worship God in any form, including cows, rivers and deities.
  • Hinduism is believed to be the world’s oldest living religion and teaches spirituality.
  • Hindus believe they are born as divine beings and that all humans are the embodiment of truth, consciousness and bliss.
  • Hindus believe in karma and reincarnation.
  • “Om” or “aum” is known as the sound of the universe, and is the most sacred sound and symbol of Hinduism.

Did you Know?

  • Popular games including Chess, Snakes and Ladders and Polo were created by ancient Hindus.
  • Yoga and meditation originated in India and is one of Hinduism’s most significant contributions to world civilization.
  • “Namaste” (pronounced na-mas-TAY) is a greeting where palms are held together in a prayer position and the head is bowed slightly. It means “the divine in me bows to the divine in you,” in Sanskrit, a sacred Hindu language.

At the end of October, one of Hinduism’s most important celebrations took place. Diwali, also known as The Festival of Lights, began October 24 and lasted five days. This festival celebrates new beginnings and light over darkness.

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