During severe weather conditions, we may need to cancel buses or close schools for the safety of our students and staff. In past years, the cancellation of buses has not automatically resulted in school closures, however, this year that is changing with the launch of Weather Impacted Distance Learning Days. On days when buses are cancelled as a result of severe weather, schools will also be closed to students. Before and After School programs will also be closed on Weather Impacted Distance Learning Days.  

Continuing Student Learning

Student learning will continue as these days are designated Weather Impacted Distance Learning Days. Following our procedure, staff and students can anticipate being notified of these closures by 6:00 am. 

Teachers in both the in-person and distance learning programs will teach asynchronously from home and will be available to students during the regular school day hours. 

Additional online resources will also be available via WRDSB@Home.


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